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the mess i made

putting my life on parade.

16 September 1990
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we talk and talk but say nothing at all.

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"deep" conversations, accidents, acting, airplanes, ashtrays, awkward silences, b-a-n-a-n-a-s, bad habits, bad poetry, bare feet, bedrooms, best friends, blue-eyed boys, blunts, bonfires, books, bracelets, bukowski, burroughs, busy streets, candles, cassette tapes, changing leaves, cheap champagne, cheap motels, chewing gum, christmas lights, cigarettes, clean laundry, clichés, clocks, coloring outside the lines, construction sites, crowded sidewalks, diprima, dirt roads, doodling, drinking alone, drunk dialing, dryers, eating snow, emotion, empty streets, europe, existenitalism, exotic food, eyes, farm store, fingertips, galoshes, genghis khan, getting wasted, good music, hippies, holding hands, hot tea, i forgot your name, incense, interrobangs?!, introducing myself to strangers, joints, laughing til it hurts, library books, lighters, lips, long kisses, lost and found, lowercase letters, lying, making out, making strangers into friends, manual typewriters, me, mean boys, meaningless sex, meaningless words, mechanical pencils, messy hair, minivans, mountains and molehills, night skies, night trains, non sequiturs, nonsense, obscure words, parking lots, parks, parties, pens, people smarter than me, photographs, pillow talk, plans, plastic cups, pocket change, pogo sticks, polaroids, postcards, pretty things, promise rings, public transportation, pulling all-nighters, reading, reefer, rilke, roadmaps, romance, scars, secrets, sex, shows, simple words, sleeping in class, soap, socialism, staying up all night, strangers, street signs, surrealism, sushi, sweaters, swingsets, synonyms, talking, taxicabs, tea, theatre, tobogganing, tongues, traveling, truth, typographical errors, ugly sweaters, untitled poems, useless knowledge, vintage, vocabulary, waking up, warm blankets, wasting time, watches, watching paint dry, weed, words, writing, writing in ink, you, Δ9-thc